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When you click on any of the above website pages, you'll get a glimpse of an honest attempt at an explanation of my life as best I can remember and provide at this time.

It's been a warm-cool, hot-cold, simple-difficult, definitely complex, and  sometimes troubled story with many great sudden ups and downs. Stir that in with some surreal and serendipitous, very amazing and enlightening experiences, and I've just barely scratched the surface.           

After living in 7 states, 5 Canadian provinces, and 23 different cities, this web history of my life,  at the age of 69, pushing 70, it should give a fairly accurate view of my extensive travels, and the many fascinating people I've met while on the road between various cities, in bars and clubs, and on radio or TV. Sometimes, even I have a hard time believing my own life stories.

I have entertained and performed at so many events over the years, which gave me access to a very deep, rich life history to share with you.
I'm going to try and explain these stories in great detail as best I can.

The comics always say:
"The Humor Is In The Details".

This is good for a laugh, if nothing else.

Richard aka, "Dakota"

On this Home Page, I must say to all of my Canadian friends, "Thanks for your open arms." For more on this, please visit the 
"Canada" page.

Richard Lee Swanson
"The Dakota kid"
Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Musician,
Retired Commercial & Corporate Pilot, Single & Multiengine Flight Instructor, Race Car Driver.

For Astrologers:
7:20 PM War Time
Columbia, South Carolina
US Airforce Brat (actually, I was born in 1944, before it was called the "Air Force". At that time it was in the Department of US Army as the: "Army Air Corp".

                                         Music, Life Stories, Lots of Pics and More
                                              Richard Lee Swanson "Dakota"  9/11/44-1/13/15   Rest In Peace

Dakota Winters

Storms in the winter can be dangerous if you're not prepared for power outages and blizzard conditions that are on the way, but when you grow up with this as a yearly event, and being properly dressed  , for children, it can be a really fun time.

I could ice skate before I could walk, according to my mom, and she should know because she was holding me up by me putting my hands in her overshoes, on the ice rink teaching me, using the old 4 blade kids skates, before you go to the single blade skates that most folks know about.

I have several stories from the cold in North Dakota, South Dakota,  Canada, and Alaska.
One in particular stands out.

I was about 6 years old in Fargo, and there was a bad snow storm that lasted for two days, with high winds and then freezing cold.  Our house had glass storm doors and double windows to keep the cold on the outside. We all usually have a house door that opens in, and a storm/screen door that opens out.
Both the front door, and the back door of our house had large snow drifts packed tightly against them about 3 feet deep after the blizzard and there was no way we could open the storm doors.
Trapped inside our house. My dad had the solution. 
My mom bundled me up in my hooded snow suit, scarf, mittens, and overshoes. My dad took me into their bedroom, slid the inside window up, released the clips that held on to the bottom of the storm window, pushed it out gentlly, and procceded to lift me up and he basically threw me out the window onto the snow drift outside. Then he tossed me the snow shovel. I dug the snow from the doors so we could finally get out of the house and  go to the grocery store and replace the staples after being indoors all this time.

Every year, I always prayed for snow before Christmas, and it usually did snow, as that's how I made my money for gifts for my family.  $.50 cents for a sidewalk, and $1 for a driveway, however, there were years I remember that it was freezing and we could ice skate, but no snow before the holiday. It didn't take long for the storms to follow, new years snow was usually two feet deep and I made a few bucks year in and year out.

The pictures below are more recent of the same house I grew up in from 6 to 21 years old. My family has lived in  this house since 1949, and my dad is 94 and still lives there, you get the drift?:)

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